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My experience of buying glasses online: Must read if it is your first time!

Online shopping has become the order of the day and now you can get almost everything online. From the uprising companies to well known brands, everyone provides products to people on the internet so that they can shop from the comfort of their home. And for the lazy lads like I am, it is one great opportunity to get whatever you want and all you need to do is scroll through a few sites and pick the product you want to buy. However, it is not as simple as it seems and I only figured it out when I decided to purchase my spectacles. Here is my experience of buying glasses online.

Stage one: Finding about style and products

I sat down and started browsing the internet for my glasses. As soon as I typed ‘buy glasses online’ a number of websites popped up in front of me. So, going through all of them took some time and what was more confusing was the fact that there were various styles. I am not a fashion geek so I had to figure out which one will work best for me and for that again I did some Google research. Soon, I knew what I wanted and I was looking for relevant products.

Stage two: Shortlisting

From these websites, I was able to find ton of products that would match my style or look great to my eyes. So, I decided to shortlist them for comparison. What I did here was that I put up few STRICT checks for every product and anyone that failed to get all boxes checked would be left out. At the end, I was left with only a handful of glasses and now the hard task began (picking only the one that is best).

Stage three: Comparing

From my shortlist, I started comparing the products. I took a glance at their manufacturers, the quality, their prices, value in the market, and what other people were saying about the product (customer reviews). At the end, I was left with two glasses and I was not sure which one to select and which one I must leave. However, with a heavy heart, I decided to go with the one that my mom recommended (as I loved both so it was rather about which one I should leave than which one I must acquire).

Stage four: Pre purchase precautionary measures

Once done with the selection, I went on for the pre purchase precautionary measures that many individuals miss. These include checking for warranty, taking a look at return policy and see if I can get any guarantee about the quality of material, and checking the authenticity of the website.

Stage five: Purchase and delivery

Finally, I added the product to my cart and proceeded to checkout where I filled my necessary details. The amount was deducted from my account and it took a few days before the parcel arrived. Glad that the quality was up to the mark and it worth the money that I spent.