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Interview from Yahoo chat with Holly Valance.

Y: Hi Holly, how are you?

HV: Thanks, fine, how are you? Hey hi to all the Yahoo! Users out there! I’m a big fan of Yahoo!, that’s what I use!

Y: How many times have you been here in Germany already?

HV: I think it’s about five time, now, but they’ve always been very quick trips. Only for one day and then I had to move on to the next country. So I never had the chance to really enjoy being here. I’ve been working very much.

Y: So you didn’t get the chance yet to see a lot of Munich?

HV: No, I got here this morning and I’m only staying till tomorrow and then I go to Cologne, then to Berlin and then back to London. I just hop around. Every day a new city or a new country. You get to see a lot of airports and stuff like that.

Y: Do you like Europe?

HV: I love it! Because Australia is very multi-culture, a lot of Europeans so it feels very much like home.

Y: Your family is still in Australia?

HV: (sad) Yes they are, I left everyone behind. I’m doing this solo. But it’s ok, my phone bill is absolutely huge. I sit on the Internet. I log on 2 times a day. And if that’s the price for my sanity, I don’t mind. I miss them like crazy! But I must concentrate now. Hopefully in May my sister will come up and stay with me for a month and I’m looking forward to that.

Y: So, those are the most important people in your life..

HV: Yeah, definitely… and also my gorgeous friends. I miss them too. But they are really good. They know that I’m here by myself, so everyone everyday makes the effort to give me a call and just check that I’m alright.

Y: Great, good friends is an important thing to have. Let’s talk about the Internet. You already told us, you use Yahoo!, I really appreciate that. Do you chat as well?

HV: Ah, yeah I chat with the people that I’m friends with back home. We get on Yahoo! Messenger, but I don’t jump on official chatrooms saying (laughs) single girl looking for this and that. I used to do this when I was younger, (laughs) that was fun one could make up things like: I’m a young student studying psychology in Austria! Is there anyone out there?? (laughs)

Y: Could you imagine meeting someone you only know by chatting?

HV: I find it really bizarre and it’s funny because that’s how my mom met her boyfriend. She’s been with him for about 5 years. He didn’t live far away, maybe a half an hours drive. So they already had plenty of things in common. They fell madly in love. You do hear many great stories, that make you curious but then you here some shocking as well. So I think one has to be very careful.

Y: Your German Fan-Page is www.hollyvalance.de . What do you think about those unofficial Fan-pages, your Fans created? Many Stars are annoyed by them and like to get rid of them.

HV: I think that is very flattering. It’s a big compliment for me. Those people are helping me with my career, they are putting me where I am. I think it’s great. I do have a few official web-pages, but that’s the good thing about the internet. Everybody is free to do what they want.

Y: Let’s talk about your music. Your first Single “Kiss Kiss” was very big in Germany. People knew the song from Tarkans version. Who picked the song and why?

HV: Well, it was shown to me quite a while ago by my record company and I love the original. I haven’t heard it before because we don’t get that kind of stuff in Australia, it generally is all English speaking songs, but I love Arabic, Turkish and all middle-eastern kind of music. So when they asked: “Would you like to do this song and cover it and put it in English I was all for it. I knew it would appeal to people from Australia, because it is an English song and at the same time so different from what they know. Additionally I have a Serbian-Croatian background and to me it’s just rich, beautiful music.

Y: The video to this song was very sexy. Did you decide…

HV: (interrupts) Oh yes, yes I was all for it, I have to live with that for the rest of my life, so I have to be happy with whatever I do. Yeah, and I sat sown with the director and we wanted to cause a little trouble. And you know, the song's name is “Kiss Kiss” you couldn’t have me running through a field of sunflowers, very pretty and nice, that wouldn’t have matched.

Also I come from this very nice background as schoolgirl in “Neighbours” and I didn’t want to have that branding forever, not to say I’m not proud of what I did there. But a big difference is: people know my name finally, not the name of the character in “Neighbours”.

Y: Well, it probably shocked a couple of “Neighbours” watchers.

HV: (Laughs) Yeah.

Y: Do you think shock is a means to the end?

HV: I think it can work sometimes, but sometimes people go a little bit too far. It’s fine to do it for the initial kind of “Here I am!”, but now it’s nice to pull back a little bit. To be honest “Naughty Girl” has been the favourite video of most of my friends and most of the people I’ve talked to and this is a rather normal video than necessarily shocking. Different people like different videos.

Y: How do you feel when you see yourself on a big banner or advertisement?

HV: I still get really embarrassed and shy. When I started singing on TV I always switched the channel when I was on. My girlfriends thought it was funny to turn it up real loud to torture me and I said don’t be cruel I’ve heard that about 6000 times recording it, please turn it off! But now it has become more or less a part of my life.

Y: Are you a naughty girl?

HV: Hmm, see this is what everyone asks me and I say I should have changed it to boring girl. Because that’s more me. I don’t really go out that much, I love dancing, going out with my girlfriends but only occasionally. Generally I’m kind of quiet. I’m a good girl.

Y: Do you play an instrument?

HV: No, I wish I did. My father is a pianist and that part of my family is very musical in all types. I wish that my parents had told me: “You will learn piano or guitar”, 'cause it will be so helpful now writing songs. It’s very difficult now going to big producers humming. I tell you what, when I have kids, they will learn 5 different instruments and they will love me for it!

Y: The Germans like you very much. When will we get a chance to see you live?

HV: Well, there’s a couple of shows coming up, like “Top Of The Pops” and stuff like that. I’m hoping to do a tour, but I probably will have to wait for my second album, because then there will be more to choose from. Yeah I’m looking forward to that, the fans here are really crazy, in a good way!!

Y: Is there time for a boyfriend in your life?

HV: Yes, I’ve had a boyfriend for a few years. We’ve been together since we were 12. We were growing up together. We have all the same friend and he’s very cool and has a normal job and stays out of what I do. He’s not in the lime light and that makes it easier, when I want to be normal and don’t have to work.

Y: And you can see each other?

HV: Yeah, I just saw him a week ago in Australia. He’s coming up in about 3 weeks. I said enjoy the summer, I’m gonna be flying around Europe everyday, so you might as well stay at home and party with your friends. That’s cool!

Y: Your Plans for the future?

HV: I’m working on my second album for the next 2 months and then a film hopefully this year. I’d love to do that and to keep up with the acting. I’ll be busy, that’s for sure.

Y: My last question: if you had one wish, doesn’t matter what, what would it be?

HV: It would be for my little sister, she’s got very bad arthritis. And whenever I make a wish, like when I see a shooting star, I wish she was no longer in pain.

Y: …and so do we!


Y: Holly, thank you very much. All the best for your future.

HV: My pleasure, thank you and take care.

(Interview: Florian Weiss, Jan Fischer)