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Christina Aguilera News And Updates

December 23 Update

We have to say a big thanks to all the christina aguilera fans and fansites that have supported this web site. We celebrate the coming of the new year with some new pictures and a reflection of christina aguilera previous look. blask, carcus festival, fetish magazine, gold, red, instyle, j14, marie claire, sears, seventeen 2000, teen people, twist 2000, unofficial fan

new york stripped promotion, video music awards 2002

Here's an interesting article from rolling stone, christina decides to abandon teen pop. blask, fetish magazine, gold, teen people, seventeen.
Happy holidays !

December 18 Happy B'day

A great big happy birthday to christina aguilera today !!

December 12 MTV birthday special

On the 18 Dec, MTV UK will be screening several Christina Aguilera shows to celebrate her bday. It starts at 11am, with Christina Aguilera : Stripped in NY. With Diary of Christina Aguilera at 2pm, and also the making of the video DIRRTY at 3pm. This is a birthday treat that your sure not to miss.

December 07 Piercings

Chrisitna's follow up to dirrty will be a track of the stripped album titles, 'beautiful' . It has moved up to #11 in the billboard charts, hopefully it will do as well as dirrty.

Just how many piercings does christina aguilera have? You wanna know? There is a complete map of christina aguilera'a piercings... She has 5 on her ear, 1 on her nose and other areas not to mention,,we will leave that to your imagination haha

thanks to ca uk for the picture

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Christina Aguilera

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