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Christina Aguilera Fanatics

Are you a Christina Aguilera Fanatic, send us your reasons to why you are like her or why your her #1 fan, and get the opportunity to have it displayed here. Send them to us at ablazingly @ hotmail.com

What do fans think about Christina, well? We give you the opportunity here to say what think, and why you are such a fanatic of this young starlet. This is the place for Christina Aguilera fans to have your shout and say.

My name is Lacey Hintz fron Center, North Dakota. oh yes and I am 13 years old. I went to Christina's Genie in a bottle tour in Minot, North Dakota, at the State fair there. Her performance was breathtaking. Alot of people in my town criticize christina's clothes and her lyrics, and not to mention her new apperance. But me, that a different story. i think she has the moves, the look, and the attitude to be a great role model, and a great artist. I have been continuously playing "cant hold us down" and i have to say. The lyrics in this song, just explain alot. She is standing up for women everywhere. I totally respect that. I have loved christina's music ever since she sang the song reflection in the movie mulan. I actually sang Reflection for a Solo contest and won 1st place in my division. I just thought you would want to here my comments. Thanx for listenin!!
Christina's biggest fan.....Lacey Hintz.

"I think Christina Aguilera is a real talent. She can sing as well as dance. She has a really cool dress sense and attitude to herself. So so I wanna follow her footsteps and become a singer." Julie Andrew, age 9, Uk

Apart from being an amazing singer, Christina is also writing her own music and I respect the fact that she did not want to keep on doing what she has been told in the past. I think that people make too much fuss about what she wears, whilist there are a lot of other people that show a lot of skin and have no dressing sense. I think that once for all people should accept her for the person that she is and that she doesnt have to be anyones role model. She is a great singer with great songs and thats exactly what she should be respected for even if you dont like her!
Jo, UK www.christinadivauk.cjb.net

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