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How To Become A Certified Life Coach?

Life coach certification

A certified life coach is the person who’s educated and trained in helping other people achieve their goals, no matter what they are related to. People get help from them so that they can reach their potential in their private and professional lives. Life coaching has no rules and regulations, but in order to become a accredited coach, training must be acquired along with a competency exam and log hours of coaching. All this is done to assure the clients that one has gained the standards put forward by the International Coach Federation. ICF is the organization that manages life coaching certification.

Life Coach Training

For the Life coaching training, one must take part in online sessions of training. These online sessions enable one to have training modules at home when the center is not near the house. Web conference allows the life coach students and teachers to interact with one another. The sessions may be accessible through different organizations. One must search for the distance learning courses as they enable the person to go through self-study guides along with the virtual classrooms. This also helps one to work at his own speed, and may provide more elaborated learning as compared to individual modules. Local workshops must be taken part in. One must keep a check if there’s any workshop going on, and participate in it. This is because workshops provide a unique chance to get education about particular specializations being in training. For instance, expert coaches who have done specialization in coaching for various age groups, transformation-based, or faith-based may give workshops on specific topics. In order to become accredited life coach, one must have a one-on-one meeting with a mentor. It helps to get more training and learning.

Applying For The Credentials

After going through the training process, applying for the credentials is required. There are three degrees of certification in order to become a life coach; associate certified coach requiring hundred hours of client contact and sixty hours of coach training, professional certified coach needs 750 hours of client contact and 130 hours of training, and the credential of master certified coach needs 200 hours of training and ten hours of work with professional mentor, and 2500 hours with client contact.

Specializing The Practice

After applying for the credentials, one has to specialize his or her practice. The first step is choosing the niche from a wide range of areas and capacities. Many initiate their own practice, directly speaking to the clients on particular areas of knowledge. Specialization areas includes academic coaching, time management, wellness and health coaching, career coaching, and business coaching etc. Though more training is not needed in order to specialize the practice, continuing the education of coaching helps one find a specialty for the practice. Finding a training session, or working with a mentor may help one in specialization.

Thus, in order to become a certified life coach, all the above mentioned steps are required to be followed. These steps serve as a to-do plan or a list for becoming an accredited life coach.