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Britney Spears News Headlines

December 2003

30 Dec/Toxic In The Making
29 Dec/Britney In Entrevue Magazine
28 Dec/Justin To Reveal Details
28 Dec/Rocking In Rio
27 Dec/In The Zone Goes Platinum
26 Dec/Music Pop History
26 Dec/Sugar Magazine Names Britney
24 Dec/Shiny Christmas Present
24 Dec/Hilary Duff Opening Act
24 Dec/Facing Christina Aguilera
24 Dec/The Internet loves Britney
23 Dec/Happy Holidays Britney Fans
22 Dec/Sunbathing Topless @ Penthouse

21 Dec/Kelis tours with Britney Spears
20 Dec/Best Celebrity Hair?
19 Dec/Determined Fans Fight Weather
18 Dec/Jamie Lynn Spears TV Show
16 Dec/Britney's revenge over Justin?
14 Dec/Britney in MTV Cool Christmas
12 Dec/Britney in Tokyo Pictures
10 Dec/Britney at Seoul Performance
09 Dec/Toxic next Britney Spears Single
08 Dec/Britney in a Hanbok costume

08 Dec/Britney Spears in Asia Touring
08 Dec/In The Zone Lyrics
06 Dec/Brittany,Brittney,Britany Spears ?
05 Dec/Britney Spears #1 Women Online
05 Dec/Britney stars in the Osbournes
04 Dec/Madonna on Britney
04 Dec/Britney Spears Carry On
04 Dec/Britney Spears Posters
03 Dec/Britney Spears Tour Dates
02 Dec/Happy Birthday Britney
02 Dec/In The Zone Sells 609,000 Copies
01 Dec/Maximal Magazine Pictures

01 Dec/Rollingstone Pictures
01 Dec/GQ Magazine Pictures
01 Dec/Esquire Magazine Pictures

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